Strawberry Cheescake ......... $7.59

Flan ......... $4.29

Fried Ice Cream......... $4.99

Sopapillas .......... $3.99
May Be Served A La Mode

Julies House Margaritas

Frozen Or On The Rocks

A classic with a Hill Country twist
Sauza Blanco Tequila, TripleSec, Julie’s Signature Margarita Mix

House Signature Flavors:
Mango, Pomegranate, Peach & Strawberry

Julie's Signature Skinny Margarita

A fresh twist on an age old classic
Sauza Blanco Tequila, Triple Sec, Splash of Cointreau,
Fresh Squeezed Lime, Lemon & Orange Juice

Julie's Premium Margarita

A strong & flavorful experience
Your choice of Tequila, Triple Sec, Cointreau or Grand Marnier,
Fresh Squeezed Lime & Lemon Juice & Julie’s Signature Margarita Mix

Mexican Martini

An Austin favorite less than an hour away
Sauza Blanco Tequila, Triple Sec, Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice,
Olive Juice & Pickled Jalapeño Juice


Corona • Corona Light • Pacifico • Modelo Especial • Modelo Negro • Hopadillo • Victoria
Dos XX • Budweiser • Bud Light • Miller Lite • Coors Light • Michelob Ultra • Tecate
Stella Artois • Blue Moon


Mirassou Chardonnay • Mirassou Pinot Grigio • Kendall Jackson Chardonnay • Mirassou Cabernet Sauvignon • Mirassou Pinot Noir • Mirassou Merlot



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